QM Essentials Pathway

The QM Essentials Pathway is a professional development pathway in which faculty apply some of the Quality Matters standards to one of their current online or blended courses. This pathway includes an internal review of the course by a team of NC State peer reviewers and results in QM Essential Standards Recognition for the course.

The QM Essentials Pathway is for faculty who:

  • currently teach an online or blended course
  • have little to some experience with online course design and pedagogy
  • are interested in applying the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric in the design of an online course
  • are seeking a course review by NC State faculty peers

What are the requirements?

APPQMR Workshop

The APPQMR workshop is the starting point for the QM Essentials Pathway. It is offered every fall and spring semester both online asynchronous and face-to-face (or online synchronous) by a certified facilitator from DELTA.  

  • Prerequisite: Experience teaching or course development for online and blended courses
  • Workshop Delivery: F2F (or online synchronous) or Online asynchronous
  • Workshop Length: 8 hours (f2f) or 2 weeks (online)

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Quality Matters Essential Standards Program (QMESP)

What is the Quality Matters Essential Standards Program?

The Quality Matters Essential Standards Program (QMESP) is a professional development opportunity for faculty who currently teach online who seek to build new knowledge and skills in pursuit of improving one of their online courses. The program model is individually focused; participants attend workshops and course quality consultations to help them design a course that meets the essential standards of the research-based and education driven Quality Matters Rubric for Higher Education.

Who should participate?

Full-time faculty currently teaching an online or blended course. (There is a 5-person maximum for the program). Each participating faculty will choose one specific course to work on.

What course is eligible?

Any online or blended for-credit NC State course for which the faculty is the instructor of record and has taught online or in a blended form at least twice.

Program Objectives

  • Apply research-based course design strategies to an existing online or blended, for-credit course at NC State.
  • Improve an existing course based on the Quality Matters essential standards which include the following areas of concentration:
    • Course Overview and Introduction
    • Learning Objectives
    • Assessment and Measurement
    • Instructional Materials
    • Course Activities and Learner Interaction
    • Course Technology
    • Learner Support
    • Accessibility and Usability
  • Submit a course for internal review and peer feedback according to QM Sixth Edition 2018 Rubric.


All participants are required to successfully complete the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop to participate in QMESP.

Program length and delivery

QMESP is a semester-long program that is delivered through a series of workshops, consultations, and course design resources. The total commitment of time expected for the program will be at least 40 hours. This includes attending face-to-face meetings, participating in an online asynchronous workshop, and designing and applying improvements to your online course based on feedback.

This introductory online orientation session includes critical information and resources to get you started on the QM Essentials Path. Both DELTA staff and experienced faculty will participate and be available to answer questions.

Participants are expected to devote 8-10 hours per week during this two-week online workshop. It is facilitated by a DELTA Course Quality team member and delivered through Moodle, with multiple opportunities for interaction, including discussion forums and assignments.

Participants will meet individually with a “course coach” after completion of the IYOC workshop and after all essential standards have been applied to the course. Meetings may be via video conference or face-to-face.

Participants will need to set aside time (minimum 15 hours) over four weeks to make improvements to their courses. This time will be dedicated to applying the best practices covered in the online training portion and incorporating feedback from the consultations. Participants will be expected to submit their newly-redesigned online course for an internal course review.

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Internal Course Review

Once a course has been through QMESP and the faculty member has made the recommended improvements, it is eligible for an internal course review. The internal course review process at NC State University is an internal institutional review conducted by a team of three certified peer reviewers utilizing the Quality Matters HE Rubric. The underlying principles of QM are centered on four central themes:

  • Continuous Improvement – all courses will eventually meet standards
  • Centered – focused on research, student learning and quality
  • Collegial – faculty driven and diagnostic
  • Collaborative – flexible and not prescriptive

An online course review team consists of a faculty review chair and two additional peer reviewers. Reviewers are full-time faculty members and instructional support staff with experience designing and delivering distance education courses and have completed either the QM Essentials or QM Certified Course pathway.

QM Essentials Course Recognition

Once an internal review has been conducted and the course reviewed have met all guidelines for recognition, the Course Quality Team will provide the faculty with a letter certifying the course for QM Essentials which includes a certificate of completion and a badge to display in their course or program website. A copy of this letter will be forwarded to the Department Chair for their files.

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