Online Course Improvement Program (OCIP) Application

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Incentive for Program Completion

  • $4,000 Award
  • DELTA covers the cost for official Quality Matters course review and certification to be submitted upon program completion (cost $1,000)
  • Aggregated feedback from internal and official peer reviews of the online course
  • National recognition for your course that meets Quality Matters standards

Competitive Priorities

Priority consideration is given to applications that:

  • seek to improve student success as defined by the NC State Strategic Plan.
  • benefit more than one course or faculty member.
  • demonstrate support from the department and/or college.
  • include a clear plan for ongoing assessment of student learning.
  • impact multiple, and preferably all sections of a course.
  • faculty that indicate a flexible schedule to attend the scheduled cohort F2F meetings


Apply for OCIP

OCIP General Schedule

0N/A (email)Instructor pre-survey
1Cohort MeetingGetting Started
21:1 with DELTA StaffIntroduction To Quality Matters
3Cohort MeetingStandard 1 Course Overview and Introduction
41:1 with DELTA StaffStandard 2 Learning Objectives
5Cohort MeetingStandard 2 Learning Objectives
61:1 with DELTA StaffStandard 3 Assessment and Measurement
7Cohort MeetingStandard 4 Instructional Materials
81:1 with DELTA StaffStandard 5 Learning Activities and Learner Interaction
9Cohort MeetingStandard 6 Course Technology
101:1 with DELTA StaffStandard 7 Student Support
11Cohort MeetingStandard 8 Accessibility and Usability
121:1 with DELTA StaffCourse Preparation
* Optional: Overview Peer Review Process
13Cohort MeetingInternal Peer Review
(Student pre survey)
141:1 with DELTA StaffInternal Peer Review
15N/AInternal Peer Review
16Cohort MeetingReflection and Prep for Formal Review
17N/A (email)Instructor post-survey