Course Quality Digital Credentials


WolfSNAPS: Online Course Design Series


(Short, Nimble, Asynchronous Pedagogy Series) These brief, self-paced, just-in-time trainings are inspired by QM research and intended to help participants apply best practices for online course design. Sessions can be completed individually; completion of all sessions is required to earn the credential.


Earn individual session certificates by completing single sessions in the  WolfSNAPS: Online Course Design Series. Each session should take about 60-90 minutes to complete, including creating a plan that you can use in your course.

Digital Credential

Earn the digital credential by completing all eight (8) training sessions in the series. 

  • Format: Asynchronous, online
  • Time commitment: 60-90 minutes per session for each of 8 sessions


The WolfSNAPS: Online Course Design Series sessions can be completed at any time. Sessions do not have to be completed within the same semester.


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