Teaching Online Certificate Application

What is the Teaching Online Certificate?

The Teaching Online Certificate (TOC) Program will offer an entry point for current or emerging online instructors to master teaching competencies that are validated as a part of the Online Instructor Skill Set through Quality Matters. Instructors will progress through a series of seven workshops (for a total of 11 weeks) over the course of a year. Each workshop contributes to the mastery of the following competencies:

  1. Institutional Context: The instructor understands the institutional context in which s/he teaches
  2. Technologies: The instructor is knowledgeable about the technologies used in the online classroom
  3. Instructional Design: The instructor understands the instructional design requirements of an online course
  4. Pedagogy: The instructor understands the pedagogical components of the online teaching and learning process
  5. Assessment: The instructor is knowledgeable about various methods of measuring the success of the teaching and learning process in the online classroom
  6. Social Presence: The instructor establishes a social presence and communicates effectively through writing and/or audio/video

Successful completion of all seven workshops culminates in the Teaching Online Certificate as evidence of knowledge mastery.

TOC Program Length and Delivery

Over the course of a year, participants will take the following online workshops together as a cohort.
WorkshopDurationMonth (approximation)
Gauging Your Technology Skills1 weekFebruary
Evaluating Your Course Design2 weeksMarch - April
Exploring Your Institution's Policies2 weeksJune
Orienting Your Online Learners1 weekJuly
Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies2 weeksSeptember - October
Creating Presence in Your Online Course2 weeksNovember
Assessing Your Learners 1 weekDecember

Who should participate?

Faculty who are new to teaching online, new to NC State, or both and have no to limited experience with online course design and pedagogy.

What course is eligible?

Any online or blended for-credit NC State course for which the faculty is the instructor of record and has taught online or is planning to teach online.

Incentives for Program Completion

  • $2,000 Award
  • DELTA covers the cost for official Quality Matters workshops for the Teaching Online Certificate ($1,100)
  • Teaching Online Certificate, digital credentials for each workshop completed, and NC State recognition.

Competitive Priorities

Priority consideration is given to applications that:

  • seek to improve student success as defined by the NC State Strategic Plan.
  • benefit more than one course or faculty member.
  • demonstrate support from the department and/or college.
  • include a clear plan for ongoing assessment of student learning.
  • impact multiple, and preferably all sections of a course.


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