Course Quality Faculty Mentors

What does serving as a Faculty Mentor for the Course Quality Program mean?

Serving as a CQ Faculty Mentor is a leadership opportunity for faculty who have successfully completed the Course Improvement Grant (formerly OCIP) . A faculty mentor is an important role in our program because as a teaching faculty member, you bring a real-world perspective to the application of the Quality Matters Rubric and Standards. Having also gone through one of our programs, you can provide the unique support that members of the program will need. Your expertise will be called upon in group meetings and through some of our online forums. You will work with one faculty participant in our program and serve as a mentor and guide on their course improvement journey. We cannot do this without you! 

Who should participate? 

Any faculty who have completed one of our CQ Programs and obtained Quality Matters Course Certification and have a strong desire to work with other faculty members on making improvements to their courses according to the Quality Matters Rubric. 

Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

  1. Facilitate discussion activities for the Course Improvement (CI)  Grant as assigned
  2. Attend most synchronous meetings for Course Improvement Grants, these meetings are an hour once a month from September to April
  3. Serve as a DELTA advisor for one of the CI participants from September – April
  4. Become a certified Peer Reviewer prior to the start of the fall program. 
  5. Attend at least one national conference related to online course design and teaching

Incentive for Program Completion

  • $5000 award¬†
  • $350 registration cost covered for the Peer Reviewer Course

Competitive Priorities

Priority consideration is given to applications that:

  • seek to improve student success as defined by the NC State Strategic Plan
  • demonstrate support from the department and/or college
  • demonstrate a desire to serve as a mentor to other teaching faculty
  • indicate a flexible schedule to attend the scheduled workshops and consultations
  • indicate completion of one or more CQ Programs

CQ Faculty Mentors 2023-2024

Rebecca De Haas

Dr. Rebecca DeHaas

Carlos Goller

Dr. Carlos Goller
Biological Sciences

Justin Post

Dr. Justin Post

portrait placeholder

Prof. Caitlin Stuckey

April Fogleman

Dr. April Fogleman
Food, Bioprocessing
& Nutrition Sciences

Edwin Lindsay

Dr. Edwin Lindsay
Parks, Recreation
& Tourism Management

Dr. Nicola Singletary
Food, Bioprocessing
& Nutrition Sciences

Previous Course Quality Faculty Mentors

Tracy ApplingSchool of Public and International AffairsCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences2022-2023
Jason BocarroParks, Recreation and Tourism ManagementCollege of Natural Resources2022-2023
Peter KoutroumpisHealth and Exercise StudiesUniversity College2022-2023
Justin PostStatisticsCollege of Sciences2022-2023
Katherine SaulMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringCollege of Engineering2022-2023
Leigh ShamblinManagement, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipPoole College of Management2022-2023