WolfSNAPS Online Course Design Series

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What Is It?

WolfSNAPS: Online Course Design comprises eight just-in-time, short, self-paced online training sessions in which instructors learn about and apply foundational concepts in course design. Each session is a small learning unit that covers a unified concept, includes practice and shares templates and examples. 

Flexibility is key in this series, participants can complete individual sessions in any order and can choose whether or not to complete the series; they can also choose a quick overview approach to access templates and examples, or can choose to submit a product for review which will lead to course-ready materials and a certificate.

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Earn Certificates, Digital Credentials, and Recognition

A certificate will be awarded upon completion of each session. Participants who submit a product for all eight sessions will also receive a letter of recognition sent to their Department Head and a digital badge issued through Credly that can be displayed as part of an email signature, instructor block in Moodle, faculty profile page, etc.

Who Is It For?

WolfSNAPS Online Course Design is for faculty, graduate students, or instructional support staff who:

  • Are new to teaching online, new to NC State, or both
  • Have limited experience with online course design and pedagogy
  • Are experienced instructors and want a refresher on online course design concepts
  • Would like to access templates for online course design based on best practices

How Do I Get Started?

You can self-enroll in REPORTER for each session (linked below) or visit: go.ncsu.edu/deltaworkshops.

Setting Up for Success
Include course design elements that help students get started and understand how to be successful in the course.

Engaging Students with Online Learning Activities 
Tips for converting in-person activities to online and building in active learning to keep your students engaged.

Providing Powerful Online Learning Materials
Explore different ways to convey the most relevant learning materials to your students.

Writing Effective Learning Objectives
Create clear learning objectives so your students know what they should be getting out of your course.

Guiding Students to Success with a Course Map
Ensure that the components of your course work together to enable students to achieve learning objectives with step-by-step instructions and a template for course alignment.

Measuring Learning 
Find out how to make sure you’re assessing what students should be learning, and investigate alternatives to traditional assessments.

Choosing Technology that Works for Your Students
Get familiar with a number of technologies available to you and when each is appropriate to use.

Reaching all Learners 
Build your course to meet the needs of all of your students.