Admin Toolbar


Whenever you are logged into your WolfWare WordPress site, the Admin Toolbar is visible at the top of the screen. The tools that are displayed may be different depending on whether you are viewing the public-facing website or you are in the admin interface.

Screenshot of the admin toolbar
The admin toolbar appears at the top of the screen when you are logged into WordPress

In WolfWare WordPress, the following links are available in the Admin Toolbar:

WordPress – The WordPress icon contains a sub-menu of WordPress resources. Some of these options link to locations external to WolfWare and NC State, and are part of the broader WordPress community.

My Sites – This is a list of all of the WolfWare WordPress sites that you have access to as an instructor.

Site name – When you are in the admin interface, clicking on the site name in the Admin Toolbar takes you to the public view of the website.

Customize – This option is only available on the Admin Toolbar when you are viewing the public-facing website. Clicking on “Customize” takes you to a screen where you can select options for displaying some of the site-wide page elements.

Comments – If comments are enabled, the number next to the comments icon indicates the number of comments awaiting moderation.  Clicking on the comments icon takes you to the Comments administration section.

New – Select one of the sub-menu options to add a new post or page, or to upload a new media item.

View Page/Post – This option is only available when you are editing a post or a page. Clicking on “View Page” will go to the public view of the published post or page. Make sure you save your changes before navigating away from the editing screen.

Edit Page/Post – This option is only available in the Admin Toolbar when you are viewing the public view of the website. Clicking on it will take you to the editing screen for the current post or page.

Manage in WolfWare – Clicking on this link opens the WolfWare WordPress settings page in a new tab.

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