Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP)

Accepting Applications for Summer 2024 By April 15th!!!!

Summer 2024 GCSP-REU (Applications close March 3rd)

Grand Challenges Scholars Group Picture Grand Challenges Scholars Group Picture at the Summer 2022 Research Symposium  Grand Challenges Scholars at a Bi-Weekly Hangout in Summer 2022

Meet Our Current Scholars!

Celebrating 15 years of excellence! The Grand Challenges Scholars Program (GCSP) is based on the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) grand challenges and is a multi-year, research-based program that is designed to prepare students to be 21st-century problem solvers. At NC State Engineering, the GCSP includes a multitude of unique experiences that combine coursework, research, extracurricular activities, internships, study abroad, and volunteer opportunities. The NC State Engineering GCSP leverages our engineering curriculum and programs, institutes and centers, as well as diverse experiences supported throughout and beyond our campus. These combined opportunities ensure that scholars achieve a rich portfolio centered upon a Grand Challenge that builds five Core Competencies. The students’ Area of Research focuses on one or more of the four pillars of the Grand Challenges:

SecurityJoy of LivingSustainabilityHealth

For more information on the opportunities that the GCSP provides, please watch the following videos:

Grand Challenges Scholars Spring 2022 Symposium Graduating Scholar Presentation

The 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering.

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