DNA molecules

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How to find lab material for In-Person labs:

  1. Go to the Lab Schedule to see what unit is bring done and what lab assignments are due each week.
  2. Each week you will need to download the current lab Unit handout/lab write up from the top of the appropriate Lab Unit and week.
  3. You can link to the week of lab you need below OR scroll to the top of any Lab Website page and select Laboratory Units from the red bar of menu options (found between Excused Absences and Resources).  Units 1, 2, 3, & 4 refer to the different Lab Manual Handouts/Notebooks you have.  The Lab units themselves are listed below a drop down menu.

Students should visit this website each week to review the laboratory schedule and what assignments are due.  Along with your downloaded lab units, this website will provide supplementary information that will be helpful to review when working in the laboratory and completing assignments.  The Resources links will be most useful in this course and help you further develop your scientific communication skills.

Unit 1 Manual – Bean Beetle Development Project

Bean Beetle



Unit 1: Labs 1-3 Sci. Investigation and Intro to Bean Beetles



Bean beetle and hole



Unit 1: Lab week 10 Final Group Projects




Unit 2 Manual – Cells and Enzymes

Cheek Cells



Unit 2: Lab 1 Microscopes and Cells – modifying for Fall22

Enzyme with active site


Unit 2: Labs 2-3 Cells and Enzymes (2 weeks)


Unit 3 Manual – Cells and Energy




Unit 3: Lab 1 Cellular Respiration





Unit 3: Lab 2 Pigments and Photosynthesis


Unit 4 Manual – DNA




Unit 4: Lab 1 DNA Fingerprinting



Glowing jellyfish



Unit 4: Labs 2-3 Gene Transformation (2 weeks)



Additional Topics

This information may be of interest or helpful in understanding lecture concepts, but is not covered in lab.

Chromosomes on spindle fibers



Mitosis and Meiosis





GFP in tube



Protein Purification and Chromatography



Frogs eggs



Reproduction: Animals and Plants