insect on leaf

Welcome to BIO 181 Lab

How to find lab material for labs in the Fall semester:

  1. Go to the Lab Schedule to see what unit is being done and what lab assignments are due each week.
  2. If you do not have your lab manual, the first few lab manual units can be downloaded from the Lab Schedule.
  3. You can link to the week of lab you need below OR scroll to the top of any Lab Website page and select Laboratory Units from the red bar of menu options (found between Absence Policy with Online Labs and Resources).  ALL the units are listed in lab order in a drop down menu.

Students should visit this website each week to review the laboratory schedule and what assignments are due.  Along with your lab manual, this website will provide supplementary information that will be helpful to review when completing Pre-Lab, In-Lab and Post-Lab activities and assignments.  The Resources links will be most useful in this course and help you further develop your scientific communication skills.

Lab order is mostly sequential with the units in your lab manual.  Unit 5 Aquatic Communities will not be done this semester.  Instead, we will perform Unit 4 – both Fall and Spring semester units (4.1 and 4.2).  

microscope objective lenses  Lab Unit 1: Basic Laboratory Skills

pillbugs  Lab Unit 2: Discovery and the Scientific Method Weeks 1 & 2

Africanized honeybee  Lab Unit 3:  Speciation – An Evolutionary Process

  Lab Unit 4.1: Leaf Herbivory -Pre-Lab

gloomy scale on branch  Lab Unit 4.2: Urban Ecology

  Lab Unit 6: Phylogeny – Classification and Relatedness

examples of fungi  Lab Unit 7: A Survey of Invertebrates and Fungi

parasitic worm  Lab Unit 8: Species Relationships – Symbiosis

tiger skull  Unit 9: Nutritional Adaptation in Animals

stomata  Lab Unit 10: Diversity in Transport – Online


Seated Lab Semesters: usually done in the Fall

 Lab Unit 5: Aquatic Communities – Lake Characterization