QM Essentials Recognized Courses at NC State

[callout headingicon=”noicon” type=”basic” bgcolor=”genomicgreen”]These courses have gone through an internal peer review process at NC State
and received recognition for applying the Quality Matters Essentials Standards[/callout]

Course number and nameInstructorCollege
ANS 205 - Physiology of Domestic AnimalsDr. Shweta TrivediCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences
ANS 225 - Animal Science NutritionDr. Ange-Van HeughtenCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences
ECD 530 - Theories and Tech of CounselingDr. Sharon ChungCollege of Education
GN 301 - Genetics in Human AffairsDr. Betty GardnerCollege of Sciences
HESS 279 - Yoga IAutumn Mist BelkUniversity College
MA 507 - Survey of Real AnalysisDr. Bevin MaultsbyCollege of Sciences
MBA 510 - Critical Thinking for ManagersDr. Eileen TaylorPoole College of Management
PRT 511 - Sport and Entertainment Venue Management - FacilitiesDr. Kyle BundsCollege of Natural Resources
PRT 266 - Introduction to Sport ManagementDr. Edwin LindsayCollege of Natural Resources
PRT 376 - Sports AdministrationDr. Kimberly BushCollege of Natural Resources
TTM 581 - Global Textile and Apparel Business DynamicsDr. Lori RothenbergWilson College of Textiles